My Opinioniated system

There has to be a system in place to justify the scores I give to each cafe/restaurant. It also serves to provide consistency and transparency of my reviews. I chose 6 factors that mattered most to me.

Coffee/Food, Aesthetic, Location, Seating, Price and Wifi/Outlets. Each of these factors have a different weightage, each corresponding to their importance.

Total Score (100%)

The Total Score is calculated by adding the individual points awarded for each aforementioned factor. The highest score is 100.

Coffee/Food (30%)

The taste of coffee and food, without a doubt, should be given the highest rating. After all, we are looking for good food to eat and eat. A 5/5 score means that the full 30% is awarded, 4/5 = 24%. You do the math.

Aesthetics (20%)

To me, the dining experience encompasses more than just food. A well-designed and thoughtfully curated space can elevate the overall dining experience. It sets the initial impression and creates anticipation for diners.

Location (20%)

With the ridiculous COE prices in Singapore, not everyone can afford a car, especially if we are paying for overpriced cafe food... So Cafes near MRTs will get a higher score. I've also factored in availability of parking lots for those with fat stacks.

Seating (15%)

Knowing a cafe/restaurant's seating availability or capacity beforehand is helpful to make arrangements to book or come before peak hours.

Price (10%)

As foodies, does price really matter that much? All we want to do is eat. Grading for this factor is based on 3 price tiers.

$ = below $15 per pax (10%)

$$ = below $40 per pax (7%)

$$$ = above $40 per pax (4%)

Wifi and Outlets (5%)

Wifi and Outlets are not that crucial for my dining experience, however it might be beneficial for people or students like myself to work at cafes. 5% awarded if theres wifi or outlets, 0% if none.